Wish Tricks Fitness SmartWatch Earbuds™


Wish Tricks Fitness SmartWatch Earbuds™

Our Fitness Smartwatch Earbuds™ can be used to charge or keep your headphones intact without losing them, as it's scientifically designed for holding your headphones, convenient for Working out, travelling or even while swimming etc.

Versatile and sleek design, it can track your activities all day long and tell or update you data about your heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, etc.
It can receive calls and messages and be woke up by the voice assistant of your cell phone, never miss the important messages or calls ever again use them in your most hectic days.

Fitness Smartwatch Earbuds™, a great combination of an intriguing smart bracelet and headphones which works Phenomenal without any disturbance of outer noises around you. Theses Earbuds connects automatically once removed from the Bracelet,

They can be used by pairs or also used individually.
These Fitness Smartwatch Earbuds™ TWS 5.0 Bluetooth headphones has a built-in touch sensor and microphone. It's simple to handle and great for receiving calls etc.

For the smart bracelet, it's recharged using the magnetic USB charger for more convenience to your life.
For office workers, you can set a silent alarm to wake yourself up at the best time.
Easy to use, connect the app first with the band, it will automatically sync time.

In order to know more about your sleep quality, it can be your monitor for daily calories, manage heart rates, read messages, makes calls etc. It's a must have piece of technology you'll ever need on a daily basis.

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