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Waterfall Incense Burner


Waterfall Incense Burner

Create a relaxed quiet environment whenever you want!

Offers a spectrum of aromatic and sensual benefits

The Waterfall Incense Burner offers remarkable falling smoke and makes a quiet climate. When lit, a constant flow of all-natural smoke delicately streams down and makes the hypnotizing smokey waterfall. What's more, this item makes an energizing spot to excellence the room. It gives longer burning time per con. That gives plenty of time to enjoy the sweet fragrance and lull to sleep.

  • Can refresh your mood and make your body relax
  • Quick way to cover unwanted household smells
  • Beautiful home decor
  • Creates a tranquil atmosphere
  • Improve mental performance


  • 1 x Waterfall Backflow Smoking Incense Burner (incense is not included)


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