Auto Heated Car Seat Cushion


Auto Heated Car Seat Cushion

Discomfort and lower back pain are frequent complaints reported by everyday drivers.

Our Auto Cushion Car Heated Seat helps prevent lower back injuries, back pains etc.

The Auto Heated Car Seat Cushion comes in 2 Pack and is great for Car Seat,  Trucks etc. Heated Seat Cover with Temperature Control has a Universal Fit for Auto Supplies, Home or Office Chair.


Comfortable and relieves fatigue caused by a Long adventurous road trip or long hours of driving for work

When installed on chair or vehicle seat, this car seating pad does not easily fall, which results in making you stay comfortable for long hours.

Our auto heated car seat cushion are secure and safe to use. No noise nor discomfort when driving for long hours. Keep you warmer in the winter.

Non-Flammable Material

Made of premium quality material. It has a built in thermostat to protect against overheating.

12V Cigarette Lighter Plug

High quality bakelite plug, built-in fuse, always safe. Suitable for all 12 Volt cars and trucks. This heated car seat cover is perfect for travelers, homebodies and office employees.

To use this at home or in the office, you needs a 12V power adapter to function.

Easy & Safe to Use

The cigarette lighter has two interfaces, you can use two cushions at the same time. The car heating pad can quickly be heated up within 2-3 minutes.

And you can freely choose the temperature from 86℉ to 149℉. When temperature is over 149℉, the power will be automatically shut off.

When it is below 86℉, the heated car seat cushion will work again.


  • Material: knitted fiber composite, non-slip base cloth and electric hot filament fiber
  • Quantity: two single-seat heating pads ( The two single-seat heating pads are connected to each other by a remote control. )
  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Power: 30-45W
  • Temperature: 86℉ to 149℉
  • Cable Length: 53.1”
  • Size:38.1*18.9”(L*W)


  • 1 Pair * 12v Car Heated Seat Cushion

Warm Tip

AC Adapter is needed for office chair or at home, if need, you need to buy separately by yourself.


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