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Senior Grabber Arm


Senior Grabber Arm


If you are looking for a product to help easy pickup and grab objects in hard to reach places, Portable Grabber & Reacher Tool is the product for you.

Open the tool around the object you want to grab, squeeze the Portable Grabber & Reacher Tool ergonomic handle and it will ratchet closed around the object.

The Portable Grabber & Reacher Tool swivels 90 degrees allowing you to easily reach for products that are in tight or awkward places.

Built-in LED light, jewelry hook, and magnet help grab even the smallest hard to get items. 

    GRAB IT: Make grabbing stuff in the most unreachable places easy and safe. Perfect for items in high places, behind or the couch or in small tight spaces.
    ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Lightweight, Portable and Comfortable Grip. Head swivels 90 degrees to reach things in the tightest area and soft rubber tips hold and grips seamlessly
    LOCKING RATCHET ACTION: Holds on even if you let go and continuous squeezing
    MULTI-PURPOSE: Perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to change a light bulb, pick up trash or grab something out of your reach. This tool is mostly used by seniors who want to be independent and active.

      Material: Aluminum Alloy + High Strength ABS & TPR.
      Color: As shown in the pictures
      Folded size: Folding about 42cm/16.5 inch; Expansion 81cm/32 inch.
      Portable Grabber & Reacher Tool, pick-up, and clean-up tool are great for use in the home and around the yard.
      Also provides help for the physically disabled. This is a must-have for anyone who needs a helping hand and wants less back strain. 


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