Outdoor Emergency Water Filter Survival Tool


Outdoor Emergency Water Filter Survival Tool

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Product Description:

0.05 micron triple filtration versatile straw water filter turns running fresh water into clean drinking water instantly without using chemical. It is effective against 99.9% of all kind of bacteria, microorganism, protozoa, also removes residual chlorine, unpleasant taste, odor and 99.9% heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium). 

This Portable water filter can be used to drink from threaded 28mm standard PET bottle, cup, water bag or directly from water sources. Ultra-lightweight and compact size fits easily into the smallest daypack, fanny pack or emergency kits. Good choice for soldiers, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, climbing, travel, biking, trekking, backpacking, outdoor work, survival, emergency and refugee and rescuer in earthquake or flood area etc.


  • Removes 99.9% of Waterborne Bacteria (E. coli and Salmonella etc), Waterborne Protozoa (Giardia and Cryptosporidium)
  • Removes 99.9% of Hervey Metals (Lead, Mercury, Cadmium), 99.9% Chlorine
  • Preserves beneficial minerals in water such as Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium
  • Filtration capacity 1000 Liters = 2000 plastic bottles saved
  • UF filter can be cleaned. Cleaning can help to extend its lifespan.
  • Replaceable filter cartridges. No need to throw away the whole system
  • Tested and certified by SGS, FDA and CE
  • ABS material, Impact resistant, Lightweight 98g, Compact and BPA free
  • 5 years shelf life


Filter Pore Size








Water Flow

200 ml/min

Filtration Capacity



ABS , PP, Carbon Fiber, UF(medical grade)

Shelf Life

5 years(After Initial Wetting: 3 years)


Triple Filtration process

Stage 1: PP Pre-filter mesh blocks sand, rust, silt, worms and the other large particles that may clog the system.

Stage 2: UF filter filtering down to 0.05 micron. It is effective against protozoa (Cryptosporidium, Giardia) and bacteria (Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli). Delivers you 1000 Liters clean drinking water. And UF membrane can be backflushed to extend lifespan. L600 UF filter outside-in configuration maximizes the ease of backwashing. UF membrane performance can maintain much more than 1000 Liters if clearing is appropriate.

Stage 3: Carbon Fiber Filter strongly removes unpleasant taste, odors and residual chlorine in raw water, even heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium) thanks to the large surface area of carbon fiber.

How to use:

  1. Three kinds of operation method can fit to different environments and needs.
  2. Bottle Filtration: using with threaded 28mm standard PET/ soda bottle like Coca-Cola bottle
  3. Directly Filtration: drink direct from renewable natural fresh water sources by simply sucking through the straw.
  4. Gravity Filtration: connecting with a water bag. Take use of gravity to purify the dirty water. Many people can drink great-tasting filtered water at the same time.


  • UF filter cartridge can be cleaned. By rinsing with clean water and then shaking to dislodge any particulate. It helps to extend its lifespan.
  • Carbon Fiber Filter Replacement
  • L600 filter cartridges can be replaced. You don’t have to throw away whole system.
  • Remove cap. Pull down on rubber strap to expose the top of the filter body.
  • -Turn filter tip with integrated carbon fiber filter counter clockwise and pull up it to remove from the housing then replace it.

UF Filter Replacement

  1. Unscrew the water inlet from filter body, replace the PP pre-filter mesh.
  2. From the bottom lightly push the UF hollow fiber filter up till it can be grabbed from the top. Set aside the round spacer. Replace a new UF filter
  3. Take care not to misplace the round spacer which fit at the top of UF filter

Package Included:

  • 1x Emergency Survival Portable Water Filter 


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