Natural Teak Wood Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil Set


Natural Teak Wood Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil Set

Don't be scared to use natural means of utensils in your homes!

Using Non-biodegradable material utensils such as plastic, metal, glass etc can harm your body and our environment through the toxic they produced through the chemicals used to make these products. But that's not all about 79% of Non-Biodegradable materials are put into our landfills etc, causing major issues in pollutions and drastic measures in our animals around the world. A small amount of 9% are being recycled each year.

With global warming on the rise we're trying to reduce these factors that brings harm to our living world. With our natural products produced each year we are proud to introduce to you our Natural Teak Wood Utensils for kitchens. These brings no harm to your bodies or environment.

SET OF 7 TEAK WOODEN COOKING UTENSILS - Wooden Soup Spoon, Round Serving Spoon,Wooden Spatula, Flat Spatula and Slotted Spoon, Seasoning Spoon and Rice Spoon are part of your everyday use. Our 7 piece utensils Set meets all your cooking needs and with hanging holes for easily wall storage.

DURABLE SOLID WOOD KITCHEN UTENSILS - Made of natural TEAK wood with thick and strong handle, perfectly sanded, smooth, lightweight, strong. They are coated with natural paint(from Teak tree), no BPA, PVC, or phthalates. Harmless to the human body.

PROTECTION OF COOKING SPOONS & SPATULA - They are very smoothly with good touch feeling. Can avoid scratching cookware, used in nonstick pans and is great for serving, flipping eggs, stir frying, fish, pancakes, and outdoor use.

CARE FOR YOUR WOOD UTENSILS -  To keep your Cooking Spoons at their best, with neutral soapy warm water by hands and dry thoroughly after every time use. And avoid abrasives, prolonged soaking in water and DO NOT put into dishwasher, microwave, freezer or oven. Keep away from heat and sunlight, store in a well-ventilated place.


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