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Magical Color Changing Men Beach Shorts


Magical Color Changing Men Beach Shorts

Tired of those old-fashioned, boring swimming trunks?  


Wish Tricks introduces to you the world's first color-changing swim shorts! Imagine the amusementexcitement, and laughter of you and your family when you jump into the pool and your swim shorts suddenly changes color from yellow to orange!

We guarantee you that you'll have the coolest swim shorts out of all the people around you! Our Swim shorts are always unique because they dry irregularly due to the special hand picked fabric. This gives your shorts a very cool intermediate color as can be seen on the picture below. Once you jump into the water your swim-shorts will change to the solid color. Cool isn't is?

With our swimming trunks, you really have the most amazing and coolest trunks out there. The immediate color change will amaze everyone around you and you'll be the center of attraction! You'll have so much fun with our swim shorts.

Unique: The most unique swimming trunks out there!

Never get bored: Guaranteed many hours of fun, amazement, laughter and wonder with our swimming trunks!

Surprise everyone: Surprise everyone you know with your unique swimming trunks! They won't know what they'll see when your swimming trunks suddenly change color!

Surprise everyone: Our swim shorts are made out of 100% polyester so the swim shorts dry quickly.

Color changing swimshorts by seasons swimwear

Your yellow swim shorts turn into an amazing orange colored pair as soon as you step into the water.

Our swim shorts change color when they get in contact with cold water. This isn't because of the moisture, but because of the temperature of the water. As the shorts become dry the first color reveals again.

You can give these amazing swimming trunks as a gift or buy for yourself as well. 

Do you want the coolest swimming trunks ever? Well, just click on the "add to cart" button above!


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