Engraved 2 Pcs Couple Natural Gemstones Bracelet


Engraved 2 Pcs Couple Natural Gemstones Bracelet

2 Pcs Couple Natural Gemstones Bracelet 

(Yellow Tiger's Eye/ Blue Tiger's Eye/Red Tiger's Eye & Black Agate Stone).

Tiger's Eye Stone: This is regarded as a treasure of nature, a miracle of the earth, make people more likely to make breakthroughs in careers, be self-discipline, relieve their stress, achieve their goals and live a happy life. The light of Tiger's Eye corresponds to solar plexus chakra, had adjustment and protective function which can bring a warm feeling for the body and help one see clearly without illusion.

Natural Lava Stone:Lava Stone, unlike ordinary smooth stones have many tiny holes in their surface, just like the pores in the skin. Soaking in the essential oil gradually and absorbs it, then slowly releases to the skin and penetrates into the human body.

Length of Bracelet: 6.6 inches

Bead Size: 8mm

Cuboid Size: 6*16mm

Unisex Bracelet Good Matching for Men and Women.

Beads Made of Quality Nature Stone, Excellence Workmanship, Good Elastic, Fit for Most Men and Women and Comfortable for Daily Wear. With Stainless Steel Black Small Round Cuboid Make Your looks Unique from Others.

Perfect for a Gift: Healing Energy Bracelets are great as gift for friends and families. Harmless to Human Body, Wearing these bracelets when traveling will help to control your mood and clear your mind.

Package Includes: 2 Natural Gemstones Bracelet


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