Portable Bluetooth Digital Alarm Clock


Portable Bluetooth Digital Alarm Clock

pixelPixel Art

Pixel art creation on the Timebox-Evo is so easy and fun. You can take and convert a picture instantly into a pixel art design, or you can make multiple screens pixel art and pan around for the cinematic effect.


You can also create pixel art animation on the Timebox-Evo. To make a smooth animation, you need to exercise both hemispheres, where your logic and creativity are equally important.

pixel boardText Editor

Convert the Timebox-Evo to a running billboard. Just type in your words, select the background and colors. Your new personal billboard will now continue to display your messages.

pixel communityOnline Community

Join the millions users on our online pixel art gallery & community. Share your work, like other’s design, comment and follow your favorite artist; this is the place for all pixel art lovers to rejoice.

sleep aid

Sleep Aid

24 customizable built-in sleep aid profiles for you to choose. Enjoy a better sleep with the alpha wave audio tracks and special-calibrated melatonin inducing lighting auras.

alarmDaily Alarm

Start your morning with 14 built-in daily alarms with highly-customizable options. Both audio and light on your Timebox-Evo will come on gradually to imitate the actual sun rise scenario.

DJ, great audioDJ Mixer

Timebox-Evo is also a mini DJ turntables. 96 different sound effects, 23 independent audio instruments, and record ability; it’s time for you to show off that music talent.

notifiationSocial Media Notification

Timebox-Evo is also a personal assistant. When you receive a message on your instant messenger app, the Timebox-Evo will flash the visual logo to remind you.


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