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Deep Tissue Power Massager™


Deep Tissue Power Massager™

Eliminate Pain, Prevent Injuries, & Increase Performance in minutes, not days, with our Power Massager™

Recover faster, increase flexibility and take your fitness to the next level. Used by professional athletes around the world our Deep Tissue Power Massager™ is:

✅The equivalent of getting a 1 Hour professional massage in 3 minutes. saving you time and money.

Quiet enough to use at the gym or while watching TV.


Includes 6 different massage heads to meet various needs.

Effectively reduce muscle stiffness and soreness, and increase blood circulation.

20-speed adjustment, you can choose the speed that suits you.

The intelligent timing function of 10 minutes ensures the long life of the machine.

2400Mha large capacity lithium battery, standby for 3 hours.

With over-protection, over-heat protection and other safety protection devices, safe to use.

Suitable for recovery from sports fatigue, rehabilitation after sports injury, pain Relieves during surgery and reduces inflammation reaction.

Package Includes:

1 x massage gun

6 x massage tips

1 power charger

1 x storage bag

Before turning on the massage gun, let the massager enter your body, then gently press the massager, and move it slowly over your body. We recommend that you set the movement speed to 1 inch per second and each massage cycle should last 12 to 15 minutes


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