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Cupple Car Holder Charger


Cupple Car Holder Charger

Declutter your vehicle and make finding things much easier with the easy to find Cupple Car Holder Charger. This is just for those who always lose their USB cables, Airpods and even your cellphone while driving.

Wireless fast cup holder car charger for your Samsung & Iphone devices (Cellular Devices & Airpods)

Think about the convenience of having a wireless charger installed in your car and make all your worries disappear. 

Great for gift giving

  • Charge Apple Airpods
  • Charge Apple, Samsung and any other Android Phones
  • Includes extra dual USB charging Ports
  • Includes adapter for smaller Cupple Car Holder Charger designs

Compatible with most card cup holder designs 10w, 7.5w and 5w charging ability.

This device is one that you never knew you always wanted but will guaranteed and make your life much more simpler and easier. 


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