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Trixy Mini Phone Holder

Trixy Mini Phone Holder

Why Buy Trixy Mini Phone Holder?

The Trixy Mini Phone Holder is equipped with two adjustable lever (its shape is similar to the cooling stand of the notebook computer), but its adjustable. When used, the lever is pulled apart. The two rotating lever are used in coordination to adjust the upper and lower positions and angles of the mobile phone, so that the driver can have better visual while navigating. When the driver doesn’t use navigation functions, When not in use it can be folded into a mini bracket on the dashboard without being noticeable. Can support mobile devices in bumpy roads without being detached from mobile.


This Trixy Mini Phone Holder is mainly made of ALUMINUM ALLOY,STAINLESS STEEL, BRASS and SILICA GEL. As the metals material are known to be durable, there is no need to worry about aging. There are two neodymium magnets installed in the inside of the brackets with dimensions of 25*15*2.5mm which can absorb any impact without dropping phones.


  After Folding:57*27*11(mm)/2.24*1.06*0.43(inch)

  After unfolding:132*27*11(mm)/5.2*1.06*0.43(inch)


Black, Grey, Blue, Silver, Pink, Blue


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