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4 in 1 Premium Makeup Multi-function Brush


4 in 1 Premium Makeup Multi-function Brush

Are you annoyed that your current makeup brushes are just too big to carry for daily use and travel? now, you will own a 4 in 1 Premium Multi-function Brush, try it out, you gonna be impressed and like it.

If you love the idea of multi-functional beautiness, then say ‘hello’ to your newest impeccable Makeup Brush Set!

This double-sided beauty tool is perfect for applying your cream, foundation, liquid, or powder products all at once.

When it comes to makeup application, there is a huge deciding factor in the results you'll get, based on the tools you use. Whether it's creating a flawless finish, or a face-transforming contoured look, this high quality 4 in 1 brush can play a huge part in getting the most out of your make-up.

Product Description:

Smudge Brush: Use it to create different layers of makeup for lip.

Lip Brush:Use with concealer to cover the flaws.

Sponge Brush: Use for flawless foundation makeup.

Contour & Blush Brush:Can use for both contour and blush.

Size: 5.2inch


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